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Well here we go again. After 24 years of owning and growing Wilderness Pack Specialties I sold the business and retired, sort of. After so many years of designing and building packing gear I wasn't ready to sit back in my easy chair. So I got my collective brain cells working and started designing some items that I thought could be improved on. My first project was designing a line of marine seat bases that would largely eliminate the impact caused by boats hitting waves on the open ocean. The result was a base with seven inches of travel and a soft action that puts the fun back in boating. We are following that up with a model for wide beam rivers sleds. We will be following that up with more unique designs, we currently are working on a space saving folding crab davit and a revolutionary downrigger weight with a significantly lower drag coefficient. We are also continuing to build our proven line of compact hunter friendly tripods that were sold under the K & K brand.

We have kept true to our past and continue to build our products with innovative design features using only the best materials possible. Our marine products utilize 6061 T6 aluminum, 304 stainless bolts and pins, welded with a state of the art pulse on pulse welding process. For all of you gun enthusiasts we use a product called Cerakote to finish our products. This a finish that is impervious to environments that would destroy most finishes . If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Ken Murdock, Owner

Offshore Seat Base

Offshore Seat Base

PRICE: 450.00

This seat is a newly engineered design that borrows it roots from technology long proven in off road racing. Visualizing ocean waves simply as jumps and dips, it smooths out the ride and helps to reduce the hard jolts associated with offshore boat use. READ MORE...


Compact Seat Base

PRICE: 450.00

A new design allowing for a reduced height of our offshore seat base with a static height of 9 inches versus 17 inches. This allows you to use this seat in applications calling for mounting to existing seat boxes or other specialized applications. READ MORE...


Electric Crab Davit - Foldable

PRICE: 450.00

Tired of your conventional crab davit being in the way when you’re not crabbing or being difficult to stow because of its bulky design. We designed this davit to fold up to a very compact easily stowed size.READ MORE...